Digital ITV2: original shows, younger auds

Will take an experimental approach

LONDON — The ITV network has disclosed it plans to produce and commission 30% original programming for ITV2, the terrestrial web’s upcoming digital terrestrial channel.

The service, to launch at the end of the year, will time-shift existing ITV shows but also concentrate on creating programming for a generally younger demographic than that of ITV, the U.K.’s biggest commercial net.

Brian Barwick, ITV2’s head of programming, told a meeting of ITV companies and indie producers that he is looking to commission a raft of shows.

In the cards is a daily early evening teen magazine, a weekly music and video review show, a weekly soap opera review, revivals of popular gameshow formats, a weekly TV review show, as well as comedy, lifestyle and sports programming.

“We will launch with fewer broadcasting hours but have a firm ambition to build to 24 hours a day eventually,” Barwick added.

Andrew Chowns, ITV2’s project director, described ITV2 as “a second channel on which we can be experimental … ITV2 is what we have always wanted but never had.”