Channel says Shalom

Paris-based chan to target Jewish viewers

PARIS — Shalom Channel is the newest entrant to the flourishing European cable and satellite television market, as it started broadcasting programs on Monday.

“We are not a ghetto channel,” said Albert Myara, Shalom Channel’s president, at a press conference on Tuesday. “Our target is the Jewish community, but we want to be heard by non Jews.”

With a modest annual budget of 50 million francs ($8.5 million), Shalom Channel will broadcast information and cultural programs in English, French, Hebrew and Yiddish.

Seeking a minyan

While the target is to get 50,000 subscribers at 50-70 francs per month by year’s end, Myara expects most revenues to come from sponsorship and advertisement.

Based out of Paris, the channel aims to attract the 350,000 Jewish homes in Europe (or 1.5 million viewers).

Shalom programs can be seen on channel 111, between the hours 10:30 p.m. and midnight.