Carey holds ‘Line’ for ABC

Improv comedy gameshow a Brit import

ABC is finalizing negotiations with Drew Carey to host and executive produce a summer version of the British series “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

The Alphabet web is expected to order six episodes of the series from Warner Bros. TV and Hat Trick Prods., which produces the British show and has an exclusive U.S. deal with ABC.

Carey’s sitcom co-star Ryan Stiles will be a regular player on the improv comedy gameshow. Celebrities compete in four improv games, and the host adds and subtracts points for any reason he wants.

The deal with Carey, cut by UTA’s Evan Weiss and Martin Lesak, was expected (Daily Variety, Jan. 16). It comes just weeks after Carey signed a lucrative new agreement with Warner Bros. TV that included big advances on the profits from his sitcom in syndication and a large per-episode raise.

“Whose Line Is It Anyway?” is the second summer series from Warner Bros. TV that will air on ABC. The other is the quirky drama “Maximum Bob” from Barry Sonnenfeld and starring Beau Bridges.