Syndie kidvid distrib Bohbot is jumping on TV’s conspiracy-theory bandwagon, with plans to produce a new animated series titled “Roswell Conspiracies — Aliens, Myths & Legends.”

Show, aimed at 6- to 13-year-olds, will be exec produced for Bohbot by Rick Ungar, creator of the “Biker Mice From Mars” cartoon and a former top exec with New World Entertainment. “Roswell Conspiracies” will be added to the lineup of the Bohbot Kids Network’s syndie program block in fall 1999.

Bohbot is budgeting $850,000 per episode for 22 hour-long segs, but each seg will be produced as a two-act story to allow stations the option of airing the series as a half-hour Monday-Friday strip or in weekly installments.

Series storyline will revolve around the spooky concept that a covert global alliance has been formed among leading nations to destroy alien invaders. As the alliance uncovers new types of extraterrestrials, it’ll become apparent that many of this planet’s oldest myths and legends were the result of alien encounters.

Bohbot is prepping a major toy licensing and merchandising push to accompany the show’s debut next year.