ABC to stay with yellow ad campaign

Despite low ratings, net holds out

Look for …

ABC to mellow with yellow.

Despite all the criticism, not to mention ABC’s continued ratings slump, the Disney-owned network has reupped its controversial “yellow” ad campaign for another year.

The campaign’s extension, created by TBWA/Chiat Day, will seek to take the “guilty” from the “pleasure” of watching television in much the same way last year’s effort did.

Indeed, in an unexpected preview last week, ABC tipped one of its forthcoming, head-spinning lines to be: “Before TV, 2 World Wars. After TV, 0.”

Whether or not this tongue-in-cheek approach is the right one — after all, it promotes the network category as much as it does the ABC brand — can be debated ad infinitum. But the campaign has been sold, obviously, to an audience of one: Michael Eisner.

The Disney’s chief penchant for corroborating data is well known, as are the realistic limits of advertising (to increase aware-ness rather than sales). Hence the assumption, confirmed by the cheekiness in the invitation to the refresher campaign’s unveiling, that everything’s peachy green, in this instance, between agency and client.