‘Splaining new Lucy episodes

A recreation of two episodes of the 1948-51 CBS radio program starring Lucille Ball, “My Favorite Husband” — the predecessor to the TV series “I Love Lucy” — will be mounted as a fundraiser as part of the third annual Loving Lucy convention, which runs July 10-12 at the Burbank Airport Hilton.

Dubbed “Lucy’s First Sitcom: 50th Anniversary Reunion Performance,” the episodes will be performed as the convention’s closing event July 12, with proceeds going to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

A number of supporting actors who appeared with Ball on “I Love Lucy” or other projects will take part in the performance, and Lucy Ricardo impersonator Suzanne LaRusch will perform the scatterbrained housewife role originally written for Ball. Bruce Davison, who appeared with Ball in the 1974 film adaptation of “Mame,” will portray her banker husband.

Among those “Lucy” vets assembled for the shows are “I Love Lucy” semiregulars Doris Singleton (who portrayed Carolyn Appleby) and Shirley Mitchell (Marion Strong), as well as Roz and Marilyn Borden (Teensy & Weensy).

Other participants who appeared on “I Love Lucy” are Larry Dobkin, Elliott Reid, Janet Waldo, Sandra Gould, Peggy Rea, Tyler McVey and original “Lucy” announcer Bob LeMond.

Also taking part will be Dwayne Hickman, who appeared with Ball on the bigscreen in “Her Husband’s Affairs” in 1947.

Producing and directing is Gregg Oppenheimer, whose father, Jess, was head writer and producer of both “My Favorite Husband” and “I Love Lucy,” which he co-created with Madelyn Pugh Davis and Bob Carroll Jr.

The event is being presented by Jell-O, original sponsor of the “My Favorite Husband” series.

Info: (818) 981-0758.