While some recoil from Jerry Springer’s tawdry shtick, Real Entertainment is reveling in it.

The distributor of Springer’s “Too Hot for TV” homevideo line is mounting a major national promotional blitz to herald the August release of two new titles: “Bad Boys and Naughty Girls” and “Secrets and Surprises.” Real is also looking to capitalize on the Springer phenom (while the gettin’ is still good) with the “Too Hot for TV — Deluxe Edition,” featuring three videos, a Springer T-shirt, 18-month calendar and coffee mug.

The centerpiece of Real’s promo assault will be the “Take Jerry Home” national sweepstakes. The grand prize? Yep, you guessed it — an extra large, move-in-ready trailer.

Closer to home, indie TV station KCAL is also reveling in the muck stirred up nightly on the “Jerry Springer Show.” KCAL is planning to pit the current king of syndication against the current king of network TV, Jerry Seinfeld, on the night of NBC’s much-hyped “Seinfeld” finale.

KCAL will preempt part of its primetime news block May 14 for a three-hour block of “Springer” from 9 p.m. to midnight. The station has gone so far as to hire a Seinfeld look-alike to cut promo spots for the stunt.