Evans, Oxenberg marriage is over

Vows last almost two weeks

Producer Robert Evans and actress Catherine Oxenberg have agreed to annul their marriage, which was performed July 12 in Evans’ Beverly Hills home.

Evans tells me, “During my recent medical crisis, Catherine was there for me. And I fell for her. So much so, I forgot it had only been six weeks since I had been hit with a stroke. Between my various film commitments and the physical therapy, it became unrealistic to believe I could simultaneously incorporate a whole new family, home, and lifestyle. That would be terribly unfair to Catherine.”

Oxenberg told me, “As we all know, during a life and death experience, people tend to bond very quickly. Both of us acted spontaneously and we regret any confusion we may have caused. At this point, we have reverted to friendship — being preferable to vows.”

Evans added, “We both agreed to annul our marriage but not our friendship. Who knows, down the road maybe we’ll give it another shot.”

Evans is now developing three features, and plans to write a book about his stroke, titled “I Heard the Fat Lady Sing.” And Oxenberg, who just signed with Darryl Marshak and Harry Gold at GML, recently completed “Authors Quest” and “Boys Will Be Boys.” She, too, is involved with a book, making a “substantial contribution” to “Lives Charmed.”