NEW YORK — With his brothers in tow, Bill Murray took center stage on Thursday at a charity auction held during Esquire magazine’s party to celebrate its June “Brothers” issue.

Then he treated the audience to a rare “Caddyshack”-esque moment.

“Yes. It’s … the Lama. A photo of the 21st incarnation … and his brother,” Murray said in his best assistant groundsman-speak. “How much will you pay to have … the Lama … in your very own home?”

The pic of the Dalai Lama brought in $8,000 for Paul Newman’s nonprofit org, the Hole in the Wall Gang, while a picture of President Clinton and his bro Roger went for $5,000.

These and photos of other famous male sibs, including Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Bobby Kennedy’s sons, and Kevin Bacon and his musician brother, Michael, are currently featured in the pages of Esquire.

Editor David Granger was full of talk about “the new Esquire,” as he mingled and posed with celebs like Kyra Sedgwick (Bacon’s girlfriend), Lyle Lovett and Michael Stipe.

One bash attendee paid $6,000 for a speaking part in Miramax’s next film, “The Yards,” but when no one would up the bid on the Weinstein brothers photo from $4,500, Harvey decided to buy it for five grand for his mom.

“Miriam Weinstein is 72 years,” he told the crowd, “and she kicks ass with the best of them.”