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Spice Girls sans 1: Halliwell powers out

Ginger doesn't mix with others, considers film career

LONDON — Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, frontwoman of girl power music sensation the Spice Girls, officially announced Sunday that she has exited the band.

In a statement read by her attorney, Halliwell said: “Sadly, I would like to confirm that I have left the Spice Girls. This is because of differences between us.”

The news follows days of speculation about Halliwell’s ankling after numerous inside rifts and reports that she had bowed out of the tail end of the band’s European tour due to a stomach bug.

Her representatives hinted on Sunday that the songstress is considering a movie career. Sources said she is already mulling a biopic (in which she would star) with U.S. producers as well as other projects. Sources close to Halliwell’s management added that she is also looking to host a TV show in the U.K. and that, after earning £13 million ($21 million), she was apparently bored with the band and wanted to move on.

Halliwell’s exit also leaves pundits pondering the future of the Spice Girls franchise. The band has sold 30 million albums. Sales and ancillary potential had been predicted to reach the $500 million mark by 2000.

The true test as to whether or not the Spice Girls will survive without Ginger will be the band’s upcoming North American tour, scheduled to kick off in Miami on June 15. In a statement read by a spokesman for the four remaining Spices, the singers said: “The Spice Girls are here to stay — see you at the stadiums!”

The spokesman added, “There are no problems with the American tour.”

Recently, Halliwell starred alongside her Spice bandmates in Polygram’s “Spice World: The Movie.” The movie has made about $48 million in total international box office receipts.

Halliwell’s life certainly could make a colorful biopic. As daughter of a cleaner-turned-Jehovah’s Witness mother and a car-dealer father, Halliwell’s life story is mottled with spicy details, including posing for T&A shots and a stint as a nightclub dancer in Spain. In an earlier brush with more legit showbiz, Halliwell hosted a show on Turkish television.