PolyMedia and multimedia heavyweight Petersen are targeting the teenage girl audience with a new Teen magazine-branded music sampler CD, with plans for future collaborations between Polygram’s music and Petersen’s mags.

“Teen Band Alert” will feature a compilation of new and developing Polygram artists including All Saints, Texas, 98 Degrees, Salt-n-Pepa and Joan Jett.

With a suggested list price of $11.95, the CD will be available in stores by July 28. Ads for the CD will run in the August and September issues of Teen, which has a base circulation of 2 million.

Polygram Distribution Group will also feature “Teen Band Alert” in their “Back to School” promotions with music retailers, while Teen will promote the CD at shopping mall events and on the mag’s Website, skedded to launch this fall.

Polygram and Petersen expect to release two such compilations a year.

Future CDs will be released in conjunction with other Petersen publications, such as Sport, Skin Diver and Hot Rod.