Nirvana alum faces pols

Novoselic added to Senate hearing witness list

WASHINGTON — Krist Novoselic, formerly of Nirvana and now with Sweet 75, was added at the last minute as a witness for a Senate hearing scheduled for today on the effectiveness of music advisory labels.

Novoselic is likely to be the only defender of the music industry on a panel stacked with cultural critics such as Charlie Gilreath, editor in chief of the conservative Entertainment Monitor.

Recording Industry Assn. of America president and CEO Hilary Rosen declined an invitation to the hearing, noting that she had recently testified on the same issue. Instead, Rosen sent a list of other witnesses she said would be better to testify about the parental advisory labels now carried on records with mature themes.

Among those whom the Senate Commerce Committee declined to invite were representatives from People for the American Way and the American Civil Liberties Union. An RIAA spokesman praised the addition of Novoselic, who is president of the Joint Artists & Music Promotions Action Committee.