Model deal: Atlantic Group inks pact with Wilhelmina

Two companies to cross-promote artists

In a ground-breaking partnership marking the collaboration between the recording and fashion industries, the Atlantic Group has pacted with Wilhelmina Intl. to have the modeling agency represent the label’s artists in tour sponsorships, endorsements, modeling campaigns and other opportunities.

The agreement creates clients out of selected Atlantic artists, with the agency taking steps to enhance their careers with Wilhelmina-obtained gigs tailored to their character, style and appeal.

Atlantic and Wilhelmina will also team to produce a special sound-and-vision CD-ROM multimedia promotion book spot-lighting the music of participating Atlantic artists and their work.

The two outfits will also link their respective Web sites to create a widespread awareness of the linking.

As part of the pact, the agency will set up an Atlantic Artist Division.

“In pursuing these new imaging opportunities, our primary goal is to complement the artist’s musical career and their close relationship with the label,” said Wilhelmina president Dieter Esch.

Atlantic execs view the deal, which goes beyond securing commercial endorsement deals for Atlantic’s artists, as “a proactive, forward-thinking approach to the fierce competition being waged for the consumer’s attention,” with an eye on taking “music marketing and cross-promotion to a whole new level.”