MCA Music Publishing has inked a worldwide administration deal for the catalog of the late Henry Mancini, according to sources.

The deal, which includes such perennial tunes as “Two for the Road” and the “Ode to Billy Joe” as well as the Pink Panther and Peter Gunn themes, is expected to be announced later this week.

Mancini frequently vowed never to sell the catalog, calling it an annuity and legacy for his wife Ginny and their family.

Annual revenues for the catalog top $1.3 million, according to sources. The contingent of tracks, which includes his collaborations with Johnny Mercer as well as works written by other artists, is among a handful of catalogs of its kind still owned by its principals.

MCA Music Publishing had an administration deal with the Mancini catalog, a pact it acquired when it bought All Nations Music last year.

Under All Nations’ 16-year aegis, the catalog grew from six-figure revenues to grossing more than $1 million annually.

Over the years, the songs earned revenues through the exhibition of the films in which they were originally performed, by be-ing part of compilation recordings and by being used in new films and TV shows.

Mancini was among a handful of legendary composers, such as Lalo Shifrin and David Rose, who kept the publishing rights to their songs and orchestrated the exploitation of the tunes.

Other tracks include the “Victor/ Victoria” theme and “Charade.” Mancini nabbed 20 Grammy Awards and four Oscars during his potent career. He died in 1994.

None of the parties involved could be reached for comment.