Carey caves on Crave, shutters record label

Songstress focusing on acting
By Adam Sandler

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Songstress focusing on acting

Mariah Carey has decided to close her Crave Records label, which had been launched with much fanfare in 1997 as part of a contract renegotiation.

The decision, which comes as Carey is stepping up her acting efforts, follows attempts by label execs to hire former Motown records CEO Andre Harrell to run the label.

Carey recently told her advisers she no longer wants to run a record label. In a statement released Monday, the singer said that it was her decision to close Crave and that she will work with Sony Music execs to find homes for Crave’s artists, which include Allure and 7 Mile.

Label prexy Ric Bisceglia, who ankled a hire-profile VP post at RCA Records to launch Crave with Carey, will be shuttled to a yet-to-be-determined post within Sony Music’s Epic Records Group. Attempts will also be made to find homes for the label’s two dozen staffers.