“Wings of a Dove” helmer Iain Softley is looking to direct the mystical thriller “The Boathouse” as his next pic, with Milla Jovovich in line to star.

The project is being produced by Softley’s wife Sarah Curtis (“Mrs. Brown”) and Robert Jones (“The Usual Suspects”). Three companies, including Polygram with whom Jones has a development deal, are understood to be in talks to finance the pic.

“The Boathouse” is based on an Eastern European myth about a female spirit who lures people to an underwater land where they are eternally caught between life and death. The film transposes the story to England’s Lake District in the present day, where a beautiful but fragile escapee from a Russian mental hospital, who may or may not be the nymph of legend, becomes the center of an intense emotional drama.

No deals are yet set, but Softley and Jovovich are both understood to have put the project at the top of their list of options, subject to financing. Jovovich is currently starring in Luc Besson’s “Joan of Arc.”