A fistful of dollars?

Irate distribber assaults vet press flak

Most publicists are only too happy to spin a yarn about distribs fighting to get their hands on a client’s film.

For veteran flak John Durie, the yarn became reality last week.

Durie was shepherding journalists into a press-only screening in Paris for International Critics Week closing pic “Memory and Desire” by helmer Niki Caro.

All was going swimmingly until a Gallic distributor insisted on being allowed in to watch the film before his competitors.

When Durie said he couldn’t allow such a breach of etiquette — he’d already told French distribs that they wouldn’t be allowed to see the film until Cannes — the irate Gaul tried to lay him out with a hook to the jaw.

Durie, more used to ducking and diving on the Croisette than bobbing and weaving in front of a Paris hardtop, was rescued by two cinema attendants who hauled his would be attacker off him.