Wolf Mankowitz, a British playwright, screenwriter and novelist, died May 20 of cancer in County Cork, England. He was 73.

Mankowitz, whose poetry was published by the time he turned 18, pursued his career as an antique dealer in London in 1947 and within two years was writing poetry as well as literary and theater criticism. He also co-edited two literary magazines.

In 1954 his first novel, “Make Me an Offer,” was adapted to the screen. That same year, Mankowitz wrote his first screenplay, “A Kid for Two Farthings,” which was based on his own novel.

Film credits include “The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll,” “Waltz of the Toreadors,” “Where the Spies Are,” “Casino Royale” and “Treasure Island,” the latter of which he co-wrote with Orson Welles.

He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Ann; and three sons, Gered, a photographer, Daniel and Benjamin.

A memorial service will be held July 16 in London.