UA to play ‘Dating’ game with Sklar

Low-mid six figures paid for romatic comedy pitch

United Artists has paid a low six-figure against mid six-figure sum for the Holly Sklar romantic comedy pitch “Kamikaze Dating” for David Ladd and Anne D’Amato to produce.

Sklar’s story is about a woman who has always been a bridesmaid and never the bride and is frustrated to learn that her mother is getting married for the umpteenth time. Hoping to relieve her frustration and give her love life a boost, the woman’s mother hires a “dating coach” for her daughter, who ends up falling in love with the cupid coach.

Shannon Gaulding, an exec at David Ladd’s MGM/UA-based production banner brought the project into the company; and James Middleton, UA VP of production, made the deal for the studio.

The “Kamikaze” deal, Sklar’s first studio writing gig, marks a pseudo-homecoming for her; she once served as a creative exec at Alan Ladd’s production banner and before that worked as a reader at UA’s sister company, MGM.

Marcie Wright of the Wright Concept and attorney Jeff Finkelsteinbrokered the deal for Sklar.