Trailers get real in Sony sound spots

A different approach to showcasing sound system

Tired of being bombarded by those high-tech sound system trailers while you’re waiting for the movie to start?

In a departure from the mostly computer-generated logo spots, Sony Cinema Products Corp., the maker of the SDDS theater sound system, is taking a more naturalistic approach to the trailers.

Rather than the usual flying logos and in-your-face (or, rather, ear) sound effects, the company has produced a series of four trailers that use live-action location footage and complex soundtracks to show off the system’s capabilities.

The spots, filmed in Hawaii, include “Underwater,” ” Jungle” and “Volcano,” which takes viewers into the mouth of active volcano Mt. Kilauea.

The campaign is the brainchild of SCPC’s marketing VP Gemma Richardson and director Barnaby Jackson, of Sony Pic-tures’ commercial production division Pavlov Prods. The soundtracks were mixed by L.A. sound design house Creative Cafe

“We wanted to demonstrate how important sound is, using real live action footage,” said Richardson.

Exhibitors are apparently just happy to have something else to play before the main feature. “We sent out order forms at the end of April,” said Richardson. “We had 6,000 orders in one week.”