Sokurov plans WWII picture

Lenfilm 'Mystery' to show Hitler's mountain retreat

MOSCOW — Russian arthouse helmer Alexander Sokurov, whose most recent film was fest favorite “Mother and Son,” has started work at his home studio Lenfilm on a pic about the world of German World War II Reich leaders.

Action of “Mystery of the Hill,” scripted by Sokurov’s longtime collaborator Yury Arabov, covers a 1942 weekend at Hitler’s mountain retreat, where the elite of the Reich — Hitler, Borman, Goebbels and Eva Braun — have gathered.

One first time departure for Sokurov will be the fact that the pic’s Russian cast will play in German, with subsequent German voicing over. “Mystery’s” budget, according to Sokurov, is less than $500,000, covered largely by Russian state-funding body Goskino, and by Japanese and Swiss co-producers.

Pavilion shooting started in mid May at Lenfilm, with location shooting in Bavaria set for the end of June. Pic is due for completion by the end of August.