Scandis pick ‘Tremula’

'24.7', 'Year' also popular at Pop Corn Fest

STOCKHOLM — Pedro Almodovar’s “Carne Tremula” was voted best film as the second Pop Corn Film Festival closed in Stockholm last weekend.

The festival was founded last year by a group that had worked with the established Stockholm Film Festival but thought its offerings had become too mainstream.

With Petter Mattsson, one of the previous toppers at the Stockholm film fest, in charge, Pop Corn was set up to focus on independent films that lack distribution in Sweden. The first fest was held in the fall of 1997, but this year the event was moved to early summer, running from May 28-June 5.

Mattsson pointed to the fest’s new ticketing system as one of its main successes. Festgoers could buy a computerized card costing $25, which made it possible to see as many films as the holder of each card could manage. Some 3,500 cards where sold.

Among the most popular films at the fest were the Neil Young docu “Year of the Horse” and the British film “24.7.”