New ‘Bug’s’ bloopers look to hook auds

Release of new outtakes adds thrill for second-timers

Finding a creative way to lure people back into theaters, Disney and Pixar will issue a new set of “outtakes” Friday for its hit animation pic “A Bug’s Life.”

The film already runs a set of the outtakes at the end of the current print. The outtakes are somewhat nonsensical given that the pic is fully a product of computer-animation. But the faux bloopers have apparently been such a hit with auds that Disney and Pixar decided to release a second batch.

“I’ve been dying to do animated outtakes ever since ‘Toy Story’ and this film provided the first real opportunity to do them,” said “Bug’s Life” helmer John Lasseter.

“Now that we’ve had such an incredible response from moviegoers, we’re thrilled to be able to swap out the original bunch for a whole new group of ‘bloopers.’ ”

It’s unlikely that Disney will see a marked increase at the box office as a result of the bloopers. But one industry pundit pointed out that Disney films tend to do big repeat business and the bloopers may serve as an added treat for second-timers.