“Always Outnumbered” (HBO Home Video); “for strong language, and some sexuality and violence.”

“The Bad Pack” (Avalanche Home Entertainment); “for violence.”

“Bandits” (Stratosphere Entertainment); “for language, sexuality and some drug use.”

“Basil” (Kushner-Locke); “for a scene involving abortion.”

“Basketball” (Universal); “for strong language and crude sex-related humor.”

“Best Laid Plans” (Fox); “for language and sexuality.”

“Best of the Best 4: Without Warning” (Without Warning Prods.); “for pervasive strong violence and for a scene of sexuality.”

“Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss” (Trimark Pictures); “for language, some sexuality and drug content.”

“The Break Up” (Nu Image); “for brutal violence including domestic abuse, strong sexuality and language.”

“Club Wild Side” (Mystique Films); “for strong sexuality and for some language.”

“The Cube” (Trimark Pictures); “for some strong sci-fi violence/gore and language.”

“Curse of the Puppet Master” (Amazing Fantasy Entertainment); “for horror violence/gore and language.”

“Dirty Little Secret” (Wilshire Court); “for some violence.”

“Embrace the Darkness” (Mystique Films); “for strong sexuality and violence.”

“Ganster World” (Avalanche Home Entertainment); “for sci-fi and martial arts violence, brief nudity and some language.”

“Gia” (HBO Home Video); “for graphic depiction of drug abuse, strong sexual content, language and some violence.”

“How Stella Got Her Groove Back” (Fox); “for language and some sexuality.”

“I’m Watching You” (Mystique Films); “for strong sexuality, language and some violence.”

“Indiscreet” (MRG Entertainment); “for sexuality and language.”

“Let’s Kill All the Lawyers” (Barrister Films); “for sexuality and language.”

“Magenta” (Moonlight Entertainment); “for sexuality, language, violence and drugs.”

“Malevolence” (AJV Prods.); “for language, violence and sexuality.”

“One Tough Cop” (Stratosphere Entertainment); “for strong violence and language.”

“The Pentagon Wars” (HBO Home Video); “for language.”

“Physical Attraction” (Concorde Pictures); “for strong sexuality, perverse violence and language.”

“Pi” (Live Film and Mediaworks); “for language and some disturbing images.”

“Pushed” (A-Pix Entertainment); “for some sexuality, violence, language and drug use.”

“Slam” (Trimark Pictures); “for pervasive language, a sex scene and brief violence.”

“Subterfuge” (Avalanche Home Entertainment); “for violence and language.”

“Tactical Assault” (Tactical Prods. Joint Venture); “for some language and violence.”

“The Thief” (Stratosphere Entertainment); “for some sexuality, nudity and language.”

“Very Bad Things” (VBT Production); “for strong, grisly violence, sexuality, drug use and language.”

“Virtual Girl” (American Film Partners); “for strong sexuality and brief language.”

“Warm Texas Rain” (Impulse Prods.); “for strong sexuality, language and some violence.”

“The Wicked Wicked West” (Sterling Home Entertainment); “for strong graphic sexuality, and for language.”


“Beyond Silence” (Miramax); “for a scene of sexuality.”

“Can’t Hardly Wait” (Columbia Pictures); “for teen drinking and sexuality, and for language.”

“Elvis Meets Nixon” (Avalanche Home Entertainment); “for brief strong language and some drug content.”

“I Love You, I Love You Not” (Buena Vista Home Entertainment); “for brief strong language and teen drinking.”

“Kidnapped in Paradise” (Universal Home Video); “for violent action.”

“Smoke Signals” (Miramax); “for some intense images.”

“Stepmom” (TriStar Pictures); “for language and thematic elements.”

“Touch of Evil” (October Films); “for some violence and drug content.”

“The X-Files” (Fox); “for some intense violence and gore.”


“The Avengers” (Warner Bros.); “for action violence and some innuendo.”

“The Best Man” (October Films); “for thematic elements.”

“Madeline” (TriStar Pictures); “for momentary language.”

“The Parent Trap” (Buena Vista Pictures Distribution); “for some mild mischief.”

“The Real Howard Spitz” (Live Film and Mediaworks); “for language and mild thematic elements.”

“The Shrunken City” (Amazing Fantasy Entertainment); “for fantasy action violence.”

“Soccer Dog: The Movie” (Columbia TriStar Home Video); “for mild thematic elements.”

“Wind Dancer” (Majestic Entertainment); “for some mild thematic elements.”


“Jungle Bungle” (K-Tel Video).

“King of the Birds” (K-Tel Video).

“The Mighty Kong” (Legacy Releasing).

“My Santa, My Dad” (Unapix Entertainment).