MPAA: ‘Orgazmo’ stays NC-17

October release limited due to nudity, profanity

The MPAA has rejected October Films’ bid to lower the rating of the Trey Parker comedy “Orgazmo” to R from NC-17.

The pic will now be released Oct. 23 with the NC-17 rating in more than 30 markets through October’s distribution network.

Universal, which owns a significant share of October, had no comment on the MPAA decision.

Sources said U execs were unhappy with the rating but would not force October to drop the pic from its slate.

U has already nudged October into dropping Todd Solondz’s “Happiness” from its slate because of its content and potential NC-17 rating.

Studios, as a general rule, are wary of NC-17-rated films because marketing restrictions exist in TV and print advertising. It also limits the age demos that studios can reach.

October partners Scott Greenstein, Bingham Ray and John Schmidt said in a joint statement: “We are disappointed that the appeals board did not overturn the rating. We are moving ahead with our release on Oct. 23 as planned.”

“Orgazmo,” written and directed by Trey Parker, has nudity and profanity. Pic is about a young Mormon who gets entangled in the porn business, ultimately becoming a superhero called Orgazmo.

Parker represented the film at the MPAA hearing.