‘Moscow’ believes in sequels

Timeline of hit 1980 pic may continue

MOSCOW — Soviet Oscar-winning pic “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” may be set for a sequel, following discussions between director Vladimir Menshov and original cast of the 1980 hit.

A May Telemarathon on Russian channel Center TV brought together Menshov with the three actresses, Vera Alentova, Irina Muravyeva and Raisa Ryazanova, whose life story over 20 years gave the original film its subject.

New pic would follow the life of its heroines on through the years of perestroika and the early ’90s.

Although Menshov admitted that script development had not yet started, viewer reaction on the phone in broadcast suggested that a sequel could prove a box office hit in post Soviet Russia. Original pic, which was an exception for its official endorsement from both the USSR’s communist regime and from Hollywood, attracted a domestic audience of more than 75 million in its first year in theaters on home territory.