Lizard mauls Malaysia

'Deep Impact,' 'City of Angels' also shine o'seas

Sony’s monster mashed Malaysia while “Deep Impact” and “City of Angels” continued to earn tidy sums overseas last weekend.

It was hard to get a handle on business overall because at least 10 markets in continental Europe did not report figures due to a public holiday Monday.

But the U.K. reflected a brittleness in early-summer trading as “Wes Craven’s Wishmaster,” Alex Proyas’ “Dark City” and John Boorman’s “The General” all had sluggish debuts.

“Godzilla” devoured $881,000 in four days on 70 screens in Malaysia, an all-time industry high, beating previous champ “Eraser.” Adding the prior weekend’s record previews, the total in Malaysia is $1.2 million. Roland Emmerich’s epic abated by a reasonable 35% in its soph session in Puerto Rico for a robust $1.4 million to date.

Mimi Leder’s “Deep Impact” advanced to $10.9 million in the U.K. (sliding 34%), $6 million in Italy (falling 38%), $5.3 million in Mexico and $4.5 million in Spain, all through 17 days. South Korea has generated $2.9 million in 16 days and Argentina has $1.4 million in 11 days.

The foreign cume, minus last weekend’s bows in five markets including France and Belgium, is $51.9 million.

Warner Bros. said “City of Angels” grossed $1.6 million from 319 screens in six countries, including an estimated $182,000 on 31 in its opening weekend in New Zealand.

In its second frame, the Nicolas Cage/Meg Ryan romance eased by 30% in Australia for a pleasing $1.9 million in 11 days and tumbled by 48% in Taiwan, accumulating a robust $2.3 million thus far.

Nippon auds seem no more hip to “Blues Brothers 2000” than those in Europe, as John Landis’ pic landed in Japan with a blah $496,000 in two days on 125. Other results include the U.K.’s mediocre $1.2 million (down 27%), Italy’s fair $1 million (off 24%) and Spain’s weak $311,000 (plunging 68%), all after 10 days.

Indicating the Spanish B.O. is in the doldrums, “Primary Colors” debuted in the second spot behind “Deep Impact,” earning a modest $370,000 on 140 screens, the Mutual Film Co. said.

“The Wedding Singer” topped a terrif $9 million in its seventh outing in Australia, scored a merry $513,000 in 11 days in New Zealand, and had OK bows in Hong Kong and Israel.

New Line stablemate “Lost in Space” collared a fine $274,000 in five days on 31 in the Philippines, and has garnered $5.9 million nearing the end of its run Down Under and a solid $600,000 in 18 days in Singapore.

“Titanic” surged to $1.123 billion after a $4.6 million weekend on 1,694 screens in 30 markets, excluding contributions from France and Germany. James Cameron’s phenom minted $2.1 million in its 24th lap in Japan (off just 5%) for a cume of $155.8 million, and $483,000 in its ninth on 500 in China, totaling $39.7 million.

Buena Vista Intl. notched its highest-ever debut for a live-action film in Argentina, remarkably beating “Ransom” and “Air Force One,” with local acquisition “Cohen vs. Rosi.” A comedy about the upheaval in a Jewish-Italian family caused by an 80-year-old transvestite (toplining Argentine comic Adrian Suar), the pic reaped $534,000 on 79.

Handled by UIP, “Sliding Doors” resisted the downward trend in the U.K. pretty well, slipping by only 18% for a superb $11.6 million in 31 days.

The Bruce Willis starrer “Mercury Rising” had beefy bows in Israel and Portugal; the cume is $18.3 million, not counting last weekend’s entries in Germany and Austria.

Beginning its foreign roll-out, “Species 2” grabbed a reasonable $249,000 in three days on 111 in Mexico and a passable $177,000 in two days on 30 in South Korea.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” checked into Japan with a subdued $354,000 on just 63 screens.

“Anastasia” checked into Singapore with a so-so $141,000 on 25 and its cume reached $67.4 million. “Alien Resurrection” hit $108.1 million, feeding off Japan’s $15.3 million through the sixth lap. WB estimated the cume for “U.S. Marshals” at $37 million.