Helmer Stanley Kubrick is still shooting “Eyes Wide Shut,” sources said, despite a recent article in the New York Times that called it a wrap.

Warner Bros. declined to comment and the Pinewood Studios set is locked up tighter than a clockwork orange, but the film starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, which began shooting Nov. 4, 1996, is not expected to complete principal photography until sometime in September.

Rumors swirling around the pic attribute delays to visual effects, but the town is accustomed to Kubrick’s meticulous methods and (yawn!) long, laborious shooting schedules. It’s business as usual for Kubrick.

One hiccup was the replacement of Harvey Keitel with Kubrick friend Sydney Pollack, which required some reshoots. Insiders say key members of the cast have grown a little weary with the endless days and have decided to take time off.

Meanwhile, Kubrick’s face odyssey is now into its ninth month of shooting, or approximately 280 days. Said one source: “No one knows when he’ll finish, but he definitely isn’t finished shooting. The only one he talks to is (Warner Bros. chairman and CEO) Terry Semel.” Semel is on holiday and could not be reached for comment.