Kopelson ‘Knox’ on new scribes’ door

Golden script about bullion heist optioned

Kopelson Entertainment has optioned “Knox,” an action-heist film written by first-time scribes Rick Eid and Gavin Harris.

Arnold Kopelson will produce the project, based on an original idea producers Matt Weaver and Tony Lord developed with the scribes. Lord-Weaver will executive produce the pic.

The story takes place at the Army’s legendary Fort Knox, an actual working military installation that operates beside the U.S. Bullion Depository, the central warehouse for the country’s gold reserves. A group of thieves joins the military to infiltrate the base and attempts to pull off the ultimate heist — leaving a military instructor as the sole line of defense between the baddies and the gold.

Viewing it as summer tentpole material, Kopelson Entertainment took the script off the market before some studio execs had time to read it, paying for “Knox” out of its Fox-funded discretionary fund. Kopelson’s senior vice president of production, Damian Stevenson, brought the project in and negotiated the deal on the company’s behalf.

Previously, the 1981 Bill Murray comedy “Stripes” was actually filmed at the Fort Knox army base; and the gold depository figures prominently as the object of the villain’s desire in the 1963 James Bond film “Goldfinger.”

Eid and Harris were repped by ICM’s David Unger. Lord/Weaver’s deal was brokered by attorney David Weber of Bloom, Hergott, Cook, Diemer & Klein.