HKM blurb house rolls 2 features

sr. VP Magagni-Seely takes on 'Freak,' 'Kitchen'

HKM Films, the feature arm of L.A.-based commercial house HKM Prods., has just put its first two features into production under the guidance of producer and senior VP Alexis Magagni-Seely.

First out of the gate is the dark comedy “Freak Weather,” from writer-director Mary Kuryla.

Magagni-Seely and Andrea Sperling (“The Doom Generation,” “Nowhere”) will produce the pic, which stars Jacqueline McKenzie (“Angel Baby,” “Romper Stomper”), John Heard, Aida Turtorro, John Carrol Lynch and newcomer Jacob Chase.

“Freak” begins when a woman’s abusive husband kicks her out of the house with instructions to get rid of the dog, pick up his last paycheck and bring home a pizza. Instead, she grabs her 10-year-old son and finds herself on an unplanned adventure.

HKM also has begun production on the horror-drama “Kitchen Privileges,” written and directed by Mari Kornheuser, whose previous writing credits include “The Last Ride” and “Zandalee.”

Financing for the two films, both budgeted at under $1 million, was raised through private investments. HKM will provide production and post-production facilities.

Other projects in development for the company include “The Glamour Belt,” with producer Susie Landau; “Air and Fire,” based on the novel by Rupert Thompson, with producer Jerome Hellman; and “How High the Moon” written by Jeremy Pikser (“Bulworth”).

Prior to heading up the company’s feature film division, Magagni-Seely was in charge of acquisitions and development at HKM Prods.

HKM was founded by partners Graham Henman, Michael Karbelnikoff and Tom Mickel. The company’s commercial clients include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, GTE, AT&T, Mazda, IBM, Levis, VW and MCI.