Good China on table

Valenti, Clinton discuss market

WASHINGTON — While praising the antipiracy efforts of China during a White House meeting Tuesday, Motion Picture Assn. of America prexy Jack Valenti urged President Clinton to do what he can to create a breach in the Great Wall when it comes to U.S. films.

Although China has greatly improved efforts to curb piracy, Valenti stressed that “there is still more work to be done.”

In addition, Valenti urged Clinton to prod the Chinese to open their markets to U.S. films. Currently, the Chinese government imposes an annual quota of 10 U.S. films.

Valenti’s meeting with Clinton comes as the leader of the free world is about to embark on his first trip to China, on June 23.

During the past year, Valenti has traveled to China twice in an effort to open the huge Chinese market and also to reinforce the need for antipiracy efforts. China, which has a long history of ignoring international intellectual property laws, has stepped up piracy curbs by shutting down factories that had been producing unauthorized copies of creative works.