Gutsy performances by “Deep Impact” in 29 territories and a three-day weekend in parts of Europe gave exhibs some cheer last week, but not enough to en-ergize overall business that was characterized as flat in France, quiet in the U.K. and indifferent in Spain.

Whether “Godzilla” will have legs overseas remains to be seen, but Sony’s monster movie had a thunderous debut in Malaysia, devouring $1.1 million on 70 screens ($1.5 million including the prior weekend’s record previews).

That ranks as that market’s second-highest bow of all time behind “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

Roland Emmerich’s epic snared $313,000 in weekend sneaks on 40 in Singapore (second-best previews ever after “The Lost World: Jurassic Park) ahead of the June 4 launch, and abated by a reasonable 35% in Puerto Rico for a robust $1.4 million in 12 days.

“Deep Impact’s” foreign cume zoomed to $64.7 million, highlighted by Germany’s $13 million in three weeks, the U.K.’s $11.5 million, Italy’s $6.2 million, Mexico’s $5.6 million and Spain’s $5.1 million, all after 20 days.

One Gallic booker, however, described the opening score of $2.8 million on 499 as below expectations, blamed partly on the English title, which does not resonate in France, and releasing the film after the Cannes fest, when the media was swamped with coverage of the Cannes debutantes and thus lowering its profile.

Mimi Leder’s pic took a rousing $510,000 in six days on 45 in Norway, $851,000 in eight days on 40 in Belgium, $2.6 million after 12 days in Brazil and $3.4 million in 19 days in South Korea.

“The Replacement Killers” began limply in Germany (where one booker complained of a surfeit of actioners), France, Holland and Sweden. The Chow Yun Fat vehicle ($15 million cume) hasn’t clicked outside of Asia.

The Nicolas Cage/Meg Ryan romance “City of Angels” had reasonable holds in Australia (tallying $2.2 million in 14 days) and Taiwan ($2.5 million in 12 days) and is doing OK in its soph sessions in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

“Titanic” surged to $1.13 billion after pocketing $11.6 million in 30 markets. James Cameron’s phenom minted $3.6 million in its 24th lap in Japan for a cume of $157.3 million, and $783,000 in its ninth on 500 in China, totaling $40 million.

European auds are not hip to “Blues Brothers 2000,” and John Landis’ pic has not traveled well to Japan, garnering just $804,000 in five days on 125. The cume in 10 territories is a puny $7.1 million.

Riding in on laudatory reviews and lotsa publicity from Cannes, John Boorman’s Irish crime-lord saga “The General” posted excellent numbers in the Irish Republic but aroused minimal interest in the U.K.

“Wes Craven’s Wishmaster” and Alex Proyas’ “Dark City” had mundane openings in the U.K., where “Sliding Doors” is showing great stamina with $12.1 million in 34 days.