When “Mr. Magoo” can open at No. 1 position in Germany and in second place in Italy, as happened last weekend, it’s a measure of how far the boxoffice in Europe has stumbled from its “Titanic” heights of the first quarter.

Further underlining the pre-summer torpor, the combo of extremely warm weather and tepid product saw receipts in the U.K. plummet 37% from the prior weekend.

“The Man in the Iron Mask” provided one of the frame’s few highlights, nabbing a hearty $465,000 in four days on 50 in Argentina, a mild $419,000 in four days on 27 in Hong Kong, and a swell $185,000 in three days on 36 in Turkey. The cume is $77.9 million.

‘Titanic’ still afloat

At least “Titanic” is keeping some cinemas in business, pocketing $10.9 million in its 21st voyage, now on 4,444 screens in 57 markets, elevating the foreign cume to $1.080 billion. The standouts include Japan’s $142.2 million and China’s $33.2 million after its sixth outing.

“Sliding Doors” withstood the downturn pretty well in the U.K, easing by 18% for a sturdy $4.8 million in 11 days. But soph “Scream 2” plunged by 46% after an excellent debut, tallying $8.1 million thus far.

Soft for slapstick

“Mr. Magoo” eyed $1 million on 439 screens in Germany, a market with a soft spot for slapstick comedies, and $254,000 on 140 in Italy. The Leslie Nielsen vehicle has scraped together just $7.5 million from 20 markets after its domestic run yielded $20 million.

In Italy, most holdovers tumbled by 60% to 70%. Against that trend, “The Big Lebowski” expanded from 35 to 62 prints, bringing the total to a solid $658,000 in 11 days. Polygram’s pic has garnered $8.8 million from 10 territories, led by Germany’s $2.5 million and France’s $2.1 million in 19 days.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” landed in Italy with a dismal $206,000 on 128, while sea-serpent thriller “Deep Rising” unearthed a timid $116,000 on 53.

‘Mercury’ falling

Harold Becker’s “Mercury Rising” is wilting, collapsing by 59% in its second lap in France for a mediocre $2 million in 12 days. The Bruce Willis starrer has collected a reasonable $2.1 million in 11 days in Italy, $870,000 in 10 days in South Korea and $2.6 million through the third round in Spain.

“Event Horizon” continued its low-powered foreign excursion, finding a dim $354,000 in five days on 128 in France and a soft $87,000 in five days on 12 screens in Belgium. Cume is $20.4 million.

Stuart Baird’s “U.S. Marshals” is nothing special overseas. Warner Bros. estimated the Tommy Lee Jones/ Wesley Snipes starrer fetched $4 million to $4.5 million from more than 2,000 screens in 32 markets, including OK debuts in Denmark, Greece and German-speaking Switzerland.

“Marshals” fell by 45% in Australia for a respectable $1.9 million in 11 days; and also through its second weekend has $2.4 million in Germany, $1 million in Mexico, $954,000 in South Korea, $949,000 in Brazil and $768,000 in Thailand. Estimated cume is $26 million.

Drought Down Under

Down Under, one programmer described trading as terrible, despite “The Object of My Affection’s” lively $600,000 entry on 106 in its first foreign engagement. Jocelyn Moorhouse’s “A Thousand Acres,” Jon Amiel’s “The Man Who Knew Too Little” and “Deep Rising” all corpsed.

Aussie auds don’t seem hip to “Blues Brothers 2000,” which dropped by 49% after a so-so opening, posting $870,000 in 11 days.

Poor ‘Expectations’

“Great Expectations” just can’t seem to find an audience. Last weekend, Fox’s romantic drama bowed in six markets including France, Thailand and Taiwan, and eked out a mere $770,000 from 396 screens in a total of 17 territories. The cume is $16.1 million. True to form, “Starship Troopers” abated by 43% in its second weekend in Japan, its last major market, scoring a moderate $4.4 million in nine days. Cume is $65 million.

“As Good As It Gets” added $2.4 million to its coffers, now standing at $132.7 million, including a steady $5.8 million in Japan. “Alien Resurrection” moved up to $103.3 million, with Japan’s $11 million after the third weekend as the top earner.