Egyptian edges toward restoration

Goal for complete fix reduced to $4 mil

The American Cinematheque unveiled Thursday the initial fruits of its $21 million fundraising drive to complete the restoration of the Egyptian Theatre. Gifts and donations from the industry and patrons have reduced to $4 million what the organization needs to finish the construction with an additional $5 million required for an endowment fund.

The theater is scheduled to open to the public in December and reaching the financial goal — through fundraising and the Moving Picture Ball tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger in September — is expected to go right to the wire.

Among the major contributions, Panavision provided a $500,000 donation for the first of eight inscribed glass panels that will border the new Egyptian lobby. Capital Campaign co-chair Steve Tisch has contributed $100,000 earmarked for the theater’s concession stand and Cinematheque co-chair Mike Medavoy has purchased a “paving stone” in his and son Brian’s names.

The paving stones, located in the complex’s courtyard, range from $5,000 to $25,000 based on location and size. The William Morris Agency has purchased a horizontal strip of stones in honor of its centennial. Individuals who have bought stones include Roz and Peter Bonerz, Sandra Krause, Norman Pattiz, Sydney Pollack, Elizabeth Pollon, James G. Robinson, Sigurjon Sighvatsson and John Travolta. Others listed as contributing gifts are Sean Connery, Michael Douglas, Caroline and Sanford Paris and Bette L. Smith.

Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger of the Border Grill will run the restaurant in the complex. It tentatively will be called City Restaurant.

Information on the Cinematheque’s Capital Campaign is available by contacting Debra Molnar at (818) 222-1506.