‘Dolittle’s’ right prescription for Latin B.O.

"Six Days" makes its mark in Oz

As distribs continued to complain of hot weather in Europe and the World Cup denting the overseas box office, some pics staged fine foreign preems over the weekend, including Fox’s “Dr. Dolittle,” which on Friday, day-and-date with its domestic bow, staged top-spot foreign preems in Latin America, including $450,566 from 122 houses in Brazil and $129,780 from 35 venues in Colombia.

The Eddie Murphy starrer also tickled $310,058 from 122 sites in Argentina, where BV’s “The Horse Whisperer” (cume: $5.9 million) rode a pleasing $124,000 from 31 stables, and $792,224 from 210 theaters in Mexico, where Polygram’s “Barney’s Great Adventure” took $152,177 from 104 cinemas (plus $109,164 from 54 prints in the Irish Republic).

BVI’s “Six Days, Seven Nights” stepped out in top spot in Germany, with $1.6 million from 554 prints (plus $210,000 from 65 sites in Austria), but New Line’s “The Wedding Singer” (foreign cume: $22.8 million and passing $100 million worldwide) crooned better screen averages with a good $1.5 million from 315 screens (plus $96,096 from 32 sites in Belgium).

Poor harvest

Also in Germany and Austria, Polygram’s bow of “A Thousand Acres” (cume: $2 million) continued pic’s abysmal foreign run, tilling miserable screen averages of $877, while Fox’s “Oscar and Lucinda” (cume: $1.8 million) continued its blah foreign foray, mustering just $34,193 from 33 screens.

“Six Days, Seven Nights” took better screen averages in Oz, with $750,000 from 129 houses to be the best freshman, ahead of the foreign bow for Sony’s “The Big Hit,” which actioned $412,045 from 94 cinemas, and Fox’s “Anastasia” (cume: $70 million), which animated a soft $248,141 from 177 screens ahead of school vacations.

Warners’ “City of Angels” (cume: $20 million) romanced $1.2 million from 300 theaters in a second-spot bow in France, where New Line’s “The Wedding Singer” was out of tune with just $461,992 from 265 prints. Sony-Mandalay’s “Wild Things” struck a chord in France, with $1.4 million from 222 venues. Other good results for pic included $57,803, $42,514, and $31,238 from 15, 15 and six prints in Venezuela, Finland and Switzerland, respectively, while garnering an OK $60,528 and $110,555 from 30 Polish and 44 Thai theaters, respectively.

Sony’s “Godzilla” (cume: $17.7 million) shrugged off South Korea’s economic meltdown to set industry opening records, with $981,655 ($1 million, with previews) from 52 prints. But pic seems to fall from favor quickly, witness 44% and 49% dips in Hong Kong and Taiwan, where UIP’s “Mercury Rising” (cume: $30.2 million) boiled $618,282 from 54 sites, knocking sophomore “Godzilla” out of top spot.

“Mercury Rising” also thrilled $635,161 from 173 sites in Malaysia, where UIP’s “Deep Impact” (cume: $122.8 million) shattered $487,582 from 57 copies in Malaysia.

U.K. favorites

BVI/Miramax’s “Mimic” spooked $803,350 from 274 cinemas in the U.K., where Polygram’s “Going all the Way” went nowhere and collected measly screen averages of $219, while Fox’s “The Object of My Affection” (cume: $4.8 million) romanced $560,722 from 200 houses and rose 21% in its sophomore sesh in Spain, where BVI’s “The Little Mermaid” animated only $133,000 from 200 prints before holidays.

Fox’s “Titanic” (cume: $1.15 billion) steamed an additional $2 million from 480 prints in 14 markets, including a rise of 9% in its 28th lap in Japan, where “A Life Less Ordinary” took a good $45,818 from four theaters and UIP’s “Kiss the Girls” (cume: $37.7 million) spooked $295,044 from 83 sites.