Deep Int’l ‘Impact’

'Angels' is sweet; 'Godzilla' debut gargantuan

Exhibitors overseas were delighted last week with “Deep Impact,” pretty happy with “City of Angels” and generally underwhelmed by the caliber of films that used the Cannes festival as a springboard.

Meanwhile “Godzilla” invaded Puerto Rico with a whammo $940,000 on 71 screens, the second-highest debut ever in that small market behind “Independence Day,” which clocked $1 million.

Columbia TriStar’s monster movie bowed in Malaysia May 28 after scoring $373,000 from previews at 100 screens the prior weekend — an industry record — and it stomps into Singapore June 4 and sneaks next weekend in Australia.

$44.7 mil ‘Impact’

“Deep Impact” raked in a superb $22.4 million from debuts in seven territories and holdovers in 18 markets, and the cume rocketed to $44.7 million just 14 days into its international campaign.

Mimi Leder’s meteor pic minted a terrif $1.3 million in five days on 155 in Brazil, $1 million on 35 in Argentina and $1 million in eight days on 85 in the Netherlands.

Demonstrating excellent staying power, the Paramount/DreamWorks pic has amassed $9.6 million in Germany (jumping 20%), $8.7 million in 13 days in the U.K. (up 23%), $4.9 million in 13 days in Italy (sliding 28%), $4.3 million in Mexico (off 20%), $4 million in Spain (down 15%) and $2.3 million in 12 days in South Korea.

‘Angels’ flies

“City of Angels” had spirited bows in five territories, highlighted by Taiwan’s $1.3 million in five days on 49, Australia’s $1.3 million on 173 and the Philippines’ $319,000 in eight days on 32.

The hoopla of a $1 million party at Cannes to launch “Blues Brothers 2000” in Europe did not create much of a vibe, as John Landis’ retro-pic took a humdrum $1 million on 272 in France, a tuneless $798,000 in six days on 210 in the U.K., $624,000 in six days on 178 in Italy and a dismal $249,000 in six days on 131 in Spain.

“Sliding Doors” continues as a crowd-pleaser in the U.K., accumulating $10.1 million in 27 days — more than its entire gross to date in North America.

After screening in Cannes, “Primary Colors” struggled through its second week in France. Nanni Moretti’s “Aprile” benefited from Cannes competition exposure as it advanced to $3.3 million in Italy and had a pleasing preem in France.

After winning the Grand Jury Prize, Roberto Benigni’s “Life is Beautiful” upped its print run May 29 in Italy and should add considerably to its $36 million gross there, especially as the patriotic Italo media has trumpeted it as the major winner, downplaying the Palme d’Or for “Eternity and a Day.”

“Titanic” cruised to $1.113 billion, still earning decent coin in 30 markets, playing on 2,899 screens.