Cosby’s riff on Noah to be MGM toon pic

Biblical standup routine tried out on screen

Bill Cosby is giving MGM Bible lessons.

In what promises to be MGM Animation’s highest-profile effort, the studio has signed comedian, actor and author Cosby to create a feature adaptation of one of his most enduring and hilarious standup routines: his account of the conversations between God and the ark-builder Noah.

“It’s a defining moment for MGM Animation,” said John Symes, president of the MGM Worldwide Television Group, which oversees the animation division. “To be able to bring in a talent at the level of Bill Cosby to MGM is a very, very significant step.”

Cosby will executive produce, write and star in the pic. The feature will mark the first time Cosby has presented the Noah standup material in any other medium since it debuted on the comic’s 1963 album “Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow Right!”

Cosby will co-write the animated Noah feature with Charles Kipps (“The Cosby Mysteries,” “Columbo”).

The “Noah” deal was negotiated by longtime Cosby rep Norman Brokaw, chairman of the William Morris Agency, and the comic’s motion picture agent Leonard Hirshan, of WMA.