Corman twins TV segs for theaters

Pix topline Sales, West

Veteran B movie filmmaker Roger Corman, who is producing 22 one-hour segments of his “Black Scorpion” adventure series for television, is combining a two-part segment, which co-stars Soupy Sales and Adam West, for theatrical release.

Corman, who is investing $20 million of his own money to produce the series, felt that the production value is at a high enough level to play on the bigscreen. His company, Concorde/New Horizons, will distribute the pic.

Corman is only two episodes away from completing production of the entire series, which he intends to sell as a complete package.

Reminiscent of “Batman,” the campy superhero series stars Ms. Kansas Michelle Lintel as the masked crimefighter and is based on two “Black Scorpion” features Corman produced for Showtime. The other cast regulars are Guy Boyd (“In & Out”), Scott Valentine (“Family Ties”) and Robert Pine (“The Practice”).