Cerezo eyeing U.S. deals

Once Upon A Time produces with film rights broker

MADRID — One of the largest film rights brokers in Europe, Spaniard Enrique Cerezo, is eyeballing further product deals with U.S. majors.

The move suggests that Spain’s huge digital TV deals may not be over. Meanwhile Cerezo’s activities on other fronts have effectively created a small but burgeoning minimajor in Spain, Enrique Cerezo PC, with tentacles in film production, TV distribution and exhibition.

Holding equity in three niche channels carried by Spanish digital TV operator Via Digital, Cerezo is currently “in negotiations with two or three majors” for back-catalog deals, principally for his movie classic service Club Cinema.

Loaded slate

Cerezo is also rapidly consolidating his position as an international co-producer. His seven-feature slate for 1998 includes two English language co-productions, both Westerns, with the U.S. based production outfit Once Upon a Time Films — Gene Quintano’s “A Dollar For the Dead,” toplining Emilio Estevez and William Forsythe, and the William J. Corcoran directed “The Long Kill.” Turner and Dutch giant Endemol share world rights outside Spain to “A Dollar.”

The third project, “Mirka,” is a co production with French actor Gerard Depardieu’s production banner and stars Depardieu and Vanessa Redgrave.

Enrique Cerezo PC owns a 3,000-film library of mostly domestic titles and recently teamed with Kushner-Locke to develop the Spanish language Gran Canal Latino for carriage on a Latin American digital platform.