In recent weeks, actor Warren Beatty has been thumping his new pic “Bulworth” with the help of just about every media outlet imaginable. On May 17, he even found his way into the Sunday morning public-affairs ghetto.

Obliterating the line between news and entertainment, Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts, hosts of ABC’s “This Week,” offered up their entire final segment (about 8-10 minutes) to Beatty’s sales pitch.

The show featured a number of “Bulworth” clips, and Donaldson and Roberts questioned the actor about the state of politics and race relations in the U.S.

An ABC spokesperson said this is the first time an actor was invited to discuss a movie on the political talker.

“The show is still evolving, since Sam and Cokie took over as hosts (in November 1996), and we are starting to do some lighter end segments,” ABC’s Su-Lin Cheng told Daily Variety.

On NBC, in his opening segment, “Meet the Press” host Tim Russert included a short bit of a taped interview he did with Beatty the prior week on his CNBC show.

Meanwhile, over at CBS, “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer stuck to his strict public-affairs menu, offering viewers an entire show on the India-Pakistan political situation.

Beatty could not be reached for comment.