AMPAS inviting sci-tech entries

71st Oscars competish officially launched

It’s Oscar time again.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has issued a call for entries in the scientific and technical fields, officially beginning the 71st annual Oscar competition.

Entry forms and details about the scientific and technical awards were mailed around the world last week to more than 700 companies and individuals in the film-related scientific community as well as to all past winners of sci-tech awards, said sci-tech committee chair Edmund M. DiGiulio.

Advances that have proved significant to the film industry in the production of motion pictures will be considered for Oscars.

“They don’t have to have been invented during the current year,” said awards administration director Richard Miller. “Achievements are considered only if they have proved their exceptional merit through successful use.”

Technical advances brought to the attention of the Scientific & Technical Awards Committee will be evaluated by subcommittees of engineers, scientists and craftspersons before being recommended to the Academy’s board of governors for award consideration.

Entry applications must be submitted to the Academy no later than Aug. 17. Requests for the information and application packet may be made by telephone to Miller’s office at (310) 247-3000, ext. 129; by fax at (310) 859-9619; or by e-mail at scitech@oscars.org.