Tech buy makes Imax bigger faster

Film company now capable of world's first

Imax Corp. has acquired the rights and patents that will allow it to produce the world’s first large-format laser film recorder, facilitating Imax’s ability to digitally record computer-generated or processed images onto film at a higher quality and speed than ever before.

“This initiative is a continuation of Imax’s commitment to developing digital technologies, including a camera, which will allow us to move films from 35mm to Imax theaters and eventually to Imax 3-D theaters,” said Imax co-CEO and chairman Bradley Wechsler in a statement. “This acquisition is a key next step in that process.”

Imax acquired the patented film recorder technology from Pthalo Systems, formerly a Vancouver-based technology firm. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

The introduction of this new technology, combined with the work already under way on developing a high-resolution large-format film scanner, will allow Imax to digitally process an entire film negative on demanding feature films. This will facilitate the use of computer-generated special effects and digital image capture and processing in the 15/70 film format.