Digital protagonist

Siggraph backs documentary on technology

Computer graphics technology, which has played an increasingly important role in the entertainment industry in recent years, will star in its own movie.

Siggraph, the leading computer graphics industry group, is the main backer of a new feature-length documentary about computer graphics that will attempt to outline the technology’s history and impact on society, including its role in the entertainment business.

Fast finish

Steve Silas, of 213TV, is producing “The Story of Computer Graphics.” Pic has started production and its makers are planning a January finish, with an initial release at the Siggraph 1999 annual computer graphics tradeshow in Los Angeles.

The doc will explore the technology’s innovations in all areas of science, commerce and culture, with approximately a third of the story focusing on the entertainment industry, covering such areas as computer animation and digital visual effects.

Silas said the film would be the most comprehensive documentary study of the subject of computer graphics yet attempted.

Half the battle

Siggraph is the project’s major sponsor, and is putting up 50% of the projected $1.5 million budget. The pic’s producers are in talks with other potential inves-tors.

Frank Forster is directing. Carl Machover and John Hart are co-exec producers, Joan Collins is co-producing. Judson Rosebush is scripting.

Silas, a television producer who has worked for Universal and Fox homevideo divisions, also produced for five years the “Fresh Video Portfolio,” a video sourcebook for computer graphic and digital animation companies used by the broadcast advertising industry.