AFI, Intel TV workshop

Will introduce pros to potential of enhanced digital television

The American Film Institute and technology giant Intel Corp. have announced an enhanced television production workshop designed to help professional TV writers and producers explore the creative and business opportunities of enhanced digital television.

The three-day introductory seminar will run June 21-23 at the AFI campus in Los Angeles, and will be followed later in the summer by a hands-on production workshop, during which participants will develop prototype enhanced TV programs.

Enhanced TV is television supplemented with digital assets — video, audio or text — as well as interactive features. The concept encompasses existing examples such as multimedia Web sites that accompany television programs, in addition to emerging fully interactive sports, news and entertainment experiences.

“Digital technology changes everything, and we hope that the new creative future will be defined by the community’s best and brightest,” said AFI director and CEO Jean Picker Firstenberg.

Intel into content

Intel, though best known as the developer and manufacturer of computer microprocessors, has been increasingly active in the development of content computers and the Internet. The Silicon Valley company is funding the workshop.

“This collaboration offers a creative R&D environment to push the limits of artists’ imaginations and the possibilities of a fast-emerging new art form,” said Ron Whittier, senior vice president of Intel’s Content Group. “Enhanced TV heralds a new era in television programs and services, such as allowing viewers to interact with shows and buy items directly from ads.”

Workshop participants will have access to computers and related enhanced TV technology provided by Intel.

Eligible professionals must apply for the workshop by May 29. A jury of television industry and digital arts leaders will select up to 15 individuals or teams. Jurors will also serve as instructors during the orientation event and as mentors throughout the summer.

Application forms are available by calling (213) 856-7628, or online at http://www.afionline.org.