U needs to chill out on porcine portrayals

Sends cease and desist to Sony re pig image

Look for …

Universal to stop being such a pig about porcine presences other than the one featured in its hit movie “Babe.”

The studio recently sent a cease-and-desist letter to Sony for using a pig in its new “Do You Dream in Sony?” ad campaign. Never mind that, unlike “Babe,” Sony’s pig does fly and doesn’t talk.

Sony and the ad agencies behind the campaign’s kick-off commercial, Gotham’s Young & Rubicam and Tokyo’s Dentsu, nonetheless capitulated and pulled the spot after a few airings, most notably on “60 Minutes.”

Yet the image of a flying pig continues to resonate, especially at Y&R, where it’s universally known that the pet phrase of COO Ed Vick is: “When pigs fly.”

The saying had already inspired all sorts of piggy images, some visibly placed around the agency, before “Babe” even dreamt of herding sheep.

Still, if it went to the courts, Universal’s chances of keeping Sony’s pig off the air are 100% secure … if (and we know we’re risking the wrath of Disney here) elephants had wings.