Sweden taps Ottosson

New head of national film institute

AMSTERDAM — Hans Ottosson has been appointed by the Swedish Film Institute to take the place of Lars Engqvist, the former institute topper who moved over last month to become Sweden’s Minister of Integration.

Ottosson, who has served as the 36-year-old institute’s deputy managing director since 1985, steps up to the plate as managing director at a time when the institute is facing one of its most serious financial crises. His duties will include negotiating a new film agreement with exhibitors, distributors and TV broadcast companies in Sweden.

Institute left in the lurch

Video distributors earlier this year left the institute in the lurch when they announced they would no longer take part in the film agreement, the funding instrument that funnels some $24 million to the institute. The video distributors were responsible for $3.8 million of that funding.

Engqvist, who served at the institute for some four years, moved up to his ministerial post following the death six weeks ago of the former Minister of Integration Leif Blomberg. The post sets policy for immigrants living inside of Sweden.