Suzanne Krajewski upped to 20th Int’l senior veep

Exec oversees all aspects of intl. creative advertising

Suzanne Krajewski has been promoted to senior VP of marketing, promotion and publicity for 20th Century Fox Intl.

Krajewski will have increased responsibilities in the pay-TV area, including the management of marketing for new channel development.

For free TV she continues to report to Marion Edwards, senior VP in the division, and for pay TV she will work with division president Mark Kaner and senior veepee Peter Levinsohn.

As one of the studio’s senior marketing execs, Krajewski oversees all aspects of international creative advertising for all of the studio’s TV series and theatrical titles.

A 14-year veteran of 20th Century Fox, Krajewski began her career at KOAF in Dallas and was transferred to Los Angeles in 1989 in a marketing capacity for the studio’s domestic TV division. In 1992 she moved to international television.

“As our product slate expands and the international TV market and pay TV develops exponentially, Suzanne’s responsibilities have grown as well. … This promotion recognizes her hard work,” Kaner said.