SPE’s new approach

World pic, vid marketing efforts get team focus

After a year of examination by senior execs and consultants, Sony Pictures will restructure its worldwide marketing operations in an effort to streamline the marketing of films released through all distribution avenues.

At a Thursday afternoon gathering of the marketing staff and senior management, SPE prexy of worldwide marketing Bob Levin said SPE is establishing a three-prong approach to worldwide theatrical and vid marketing.

“We are initiating a new approach to motion picture marketing that stresses the focus and marketing of movies across all lines of business,” said Levin, adding the implementation would begin this summer. “This new structure will strengthen the development of a cohesive marketing strategy for our films as well as establish a process to allow us to develop campaigns in a more efficient manner.”

On the operational side, the marketing functions will now utilize three to five marketing teams that will follow films across distribution channels.

Levin told Daily Variety that the new structure would require some new hires, but “a lot of the jobs will be filled internally, by people being moved within the company.” He said that he didn’t foresee any job cuts.

He said the structure would probably consist of three core teams made up of a “creative person, a publicity executive and a general marketing person, with some of the membership moving around to other teams.”

SPE also said it would begin consolidating under one unit, “the Marketing Service Center,” all areas used in the production side of marketing, including press kits, photos, video clips, event planning and legal clearances

Levin also announced that SPE’s worldwide marketing now would work more closely with theatrical, home video and TV business unit execs.

“The new approach also addresses SPE’s commitment to the establishment and coordinated exploitation of franchise films across all our lines of business,” said SPE prexy and CEO John Calley. “We are at the beginning of our plan to build strong film franchises. The new organization will increase our capability to meet this goal.”