A sound recordist has sued 20th Century Fox claiming studio execs promised he would have a job when he returned from medical treatment.

William Bateman, a veteran sound recordist for the studio was diagnosed in 1996 with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a rare form of cancer, and was forced to leave his job to pursue treatment.

Bateman alleges Fox execs promised his job would be available to him when he returned, but reneged on the promise when he tried to get his old job back in May 1997.

In the lawsuit, filed Thursday in L.A. Superior Court, Bateman claimed his doctors have confirmed there are no traces of the cancer, and he is in complete remission.

But Fox execs have allegedly told Bateman that his old job is no longer available and instead have told him he can apply for a part-time job as a cashier in the commissary. Bateman said he finds the offer humiliating.

The denial comes as the sound department is busier than ever, and sound recordists at the studio are working overtime, the suit alleges.

Bateman’s suit seeks compensation for loss of earnings, emotional distress and punitive damages.