Screenzone bows trailer technology

Ganis calls new product 'impressive'

Screenzone Media Networks, a company formed in 1997, has unveiled a videowall entertainment center — dubbed “Screenzone” — displaying the latest movie trailers, which the company will begin installing in shopping malls. Representatives from the company’s base in New Jersey are currently in L.A. demonstrating their product to the major studios.

Screenzone is “very impressive,” according to Sid Ganis, an independent producer making movies exclusively for Sony.

Each Screenzone displays continuous motion picture trailers on two 8-foot by 4-foot resolution digital video displays. And the innovative sound system adjusts to complement mall conditions. “The picture and sound are remarkable,” said Ganis, who feels the new product will be a hit with movie studios.

The technology could give studios the opportunity to market their movies to the young shopping mall demographic — which is roughly similar to the movie-going demographic — in the form of movie trailers outside of theaters.

Each screenzone additionally features interactive stations where shoppers can purchase tickets to the movie of their choice. The videowall will run current feature releases as well as coming attractions and video releases. “It’s the type of content that would allow us to make money (from the studios), yet have it be something else to the consumer,” said Cody Dalton, exec VP of marketing and sales at Screenzone. “They don’t feel they’re being advertised to,” she said, because movies are viewed as entertainment.

The first Screenzone unit is scheduled for installation in August. Gary Leeds, the company’s prexy and CEO, said they have the location narrowed down to one of three shopping malls in L.A. They plan to expand installation in the top domestic box office markets.